Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Playstation emulation: pcsx-rearmed

When I started this project, I was far from imagining that I could even try to emulate the Playstation. But I gave a try at pcsx-rearmed, and I was astonished! Even without hardware acceleration, lots of games actually work quite smoothly!

The original code is available here:

I have modified it for my usage, but my version may not be up to date. My patches are:

  • Modification of the configure script to enable the right options for the BeagleBone Black platform with SDL
  • Made the base save/configuration path absolute (and hard-coded) rather than relative. I want the path to stay the same even when starting the application from a service (my launcher)
  • Removed the menu when setting the NO_MENU environment variable: the only menu I want is that of my launcher
  • Removed a few "if"s that were never used in my case (show fps etc.). That's a pathology some developers like me get when getting in other people's codes - they tend to leave their marks for the sake of "optimization" or any other stupid reason :-)
  • Modification of the internal libpicofe, so that the environment variable PCSX_WIDTH, when set, allows forcing a size for the display. Some games do not run smoothly full-screen, so I decided to be able to reduce their size rather than ditch them.
The source code for my fork is available here:

To compile:

And to run, for example:

 PCSX_WIDTH=600 NO_MENU=1 /media/BBB/sources/pcsx_rearmed/pcsx -cdfile /media/BBB/roms/psx/MyGame.cue  

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